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SS 500ML x 6
SS 500ML x 6

Seasonal Star: Seasonal Fruits and Herbs 500ml (Pack 6 or 12)


Seasonal Brew Kombucha: Straight from the fields – full of life and prana

This is our seasonal Kombucha that is brewed with organic and local ingredients depending on what has blossomed or sprung out of the ground. Ranging from wintery apples, pears and quince, to summer strawberries and mint, we love to experiment with what is seasonally grown. This is a living Kombucha, packed full of anti-oxidants from the mountain tea, and accompanied by all the medicinal benefits of the seasonal herbs, botanical plants and juicy fruits.

Ingredients: Cold Brewed Tea, Filtered Water, Organic & Fairtrade Green Tea, Seasonal Organic Herbs & Fruits, Organic & Fairtrade Cane Sugar, Live Kombucha Cultures (Wild Bacteria & Yeast).

  • 6 units
  • 12 units

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