Your wellbeing all starts from within. Your gut is one of the first points of contact with anything from the outside world and is home to a multicultural collective of different bacteria.  
We have drawn upon European herbal recipes and blended them in line with the principals of Ayurvedic teaching and the Chakra centres of the body, to produce our #gutinspiring Kombucha that aims to heal and fill you with love.

We are committed to fermenting a raw, antioxidant-rich, living Kombucha that makes your body sing and jump from the very first moment you taste it. 
By empowering and engaging you from within we are here to feed the good bacteria, since a healthier life-style starts from within, with the love and compassion we show ourselves coupled with what we put in our bodies. 

Therefore, we would like to offer you a healthy and organic Kombucha, a great alternative to high sugar soft drinks and other alcohol alternatives, for yourself and your world. Our world.

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