Kombucha is a living, breathing drink full of living bacteria and yeast that wildly accumulate from the atmosphere around us. For the best and healthiest bacteria to grow, they require clean water and a living space that is as environmentally friendly as possible to ensure a clean energetic space full of love. 

We have transformed our Fermentaria with our mother Earth in mind, by sourcing our building materials as close to home and with the lowest possible carbon footprint after it’s circle of life.

Our eco-insulation panels are sustainably sourced fumigated cork comes from Portugal (http://barnacork.com/) and keeps our fermentation at just the right temperature and our cold-room cool enough to conserve your refreshing Kombucha. Recycled-jean eco-panels (link to manufacturer) insulate our partition wall, while our environmentally friendly chalk-based paint (http://www.com-cal.com/) and marble stucco, comes from just outside of Barcelona.

To ensure that our carbon footprint is low and our power-source is clean, not only do we Cold Brew with our organic tea, but our electricity is supplied via a cooperative of green energy providers (https://www.somenergia.coop/es/ ) to keep our Kombucha fermenting at just the right temperature, while respecting our beautiful living planet.

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